Tell The Time

This ITP displays on-screen analogue and digital clocks separately or together. The clocks can be moved around the screen and their sizes altered. Times can be adjusted in different intervals of time.

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Tell The Time

Stop the hands of the clock, or automatically set it to a time.

Great tool for teaching the time.

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Class Clock

A brilliant tool for helping children tell the time using both analogue and digital times.



A great teaching clock which gives the time in analogue and digital times. Turn the clock on or back in different time periods.


Interactive Clock

Use this interactive clock to learn about analogue/digital time and the 24 hour clock.

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Telling The Time

This is a set of activities which will help you work out and understand time. The games use AM and PM as well as digital and analogue clocks. They also show you how to use a 24 hour clock.

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Hickory Dickory Clock

aim: To read an analogue clock, including half past, quarter to and quarter past.

Feed the mouse by reading the analogue clocks. If you get it wrong the cat will be after you!

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Only Fools and Horses Time Snap

Try your luck against Del and Rodney in '24 Hour snap'. Spot the matching pairs before you run out of chances.

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Converting between hours and minutes

Practise converting times between hours and minutes with this 3 level activity.

Practise converting between hours and minutes

Example Is 1 hour 30 mins less than 80 mins?

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12 Hour Clock



24 Hour Clock


What's the Time Mr Wolf?

A great game based on the Little Red Riding Hood stories. Children need to set the clock at the correct o'clock times before the wolf comes.


Bang on Time

A game to help children tell the time. They need to read the time in words and then stop the clock when the hands are in the matching position. You can adjust the speed of the hands.



Set your own time and music on this great countdown timer which is ideal for any activities which are time limited.



Will start, stop and split, or countdown from any time you want.


Stopwatch Style Timer

A huge timer for you to start and stop as you please. The time is given in hours, minutes, seconds and hundredths of a second. Handy for timed tests, exams and activities.

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One minute timer...


Two minute timer...



Countdown Clock, with the music

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Number activities involving length, weight, capacity and time which will help to improve mental maths skills and understanding of measurement