Number Line

This generates a number line. Two markers with numbered boxes can be moved along the number line. Depending on the order of the two markers you can show the sum and difference between the two numbers and the calculation represented.

Creates a customisable number line



Add Subtract Number Line

Use the number line to demonstrate your choice of addtion or subtraction problem.

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Empty Number Line

Select from a differentiated range of addition and subtraction problems, solving them by 'dragging' and 'dropping' the appropriate leaps on a number line.

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Techno Tortoise

aim: To develop pencil and paper methods to complete additions.
To add two 2-digit numbers together by adding the tens digit first.

Techno Tortoise A demonstrator for the use of number lines.
Includes a game for adding two 2-digit numbers together by adding the tens first. Answer 5 questions correctly and you can play the flying game.

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aim: Y1 and Y2, Know what each digit in a two digit number represents.

Read the radar screen and use the motor boat to travel along a number line and rescue struggling swimmers.

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Counting Cars

Aim : Y1: 'Counting-on' in ones from a 2-digit number.

Turn the ignition key. Count-on in ones to find the correct 'bump target'. Then pull on the steering wheel to drive your car into the 'bump target'.
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Missing number in number line

Help the fairies to find the butterfly with the hidden number. The fairies will sing you a song!


Counting on

Counting in 1's to 10.

Counting in 10's to 100.


On the Line! -

A game involving a range of counting on and back activities on a movable number line. Use the '<' '>' buttons to move along the line. Get the answer right to fire the rocket!

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Scale Challenge

Read and estimate different scales.

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Generate number lines, and cover up certain numbers.

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Ordering numbers

This shows how a number line can be developed from a row of 10, 20 or 100 counters. It behaves like a short film.

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Number Bonds to 100

Practise calculating number bonds to 100 with an interactive number line.

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Counting Stick

Create a number line, and hide certain numbers.

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Caterpillar Counting

Choose your minimum and maximum number. Children then arrange numbered buds on the branch. If you are finished, click on the caterpillar to see if you are right.

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A teaching tool for interactive whiteboards for estimating numbers on a numberline. Useful for decimals too.

Decimals Number Line

This is the best number line we've seen! As well as the usual flexibility of being able to change scales and markings you can zoom in on any area which makes it particularly good for use on interactive whiteboards in full-screen mode.

Number Line

An excellent teaching tool for displaying different number lines.

Counting Stick

A teaching tool to help with number sequences which go up or down. The counting sticks are either vertical or horizontal. There are different levels of difficulty from very simple to including negative numbers.


!0 Digit Number Line


Great Day for Number Lines

A good tool for demonstrating addition to 10 on a numberline. There are two levels of difficulty.


Subtraction on a Number Line

A great tool for teaching finding the difference between two numbers. Useful for showing counting on for single digit subtraction and bridging tens.


Numberline Jump Maker

A numberline demonstrator. You can take away, calculate subtraction as the difference or complete division calculations via repeated subtraction.

Y1:To understand subtraction as 'take away'

Y2: Use informal methods to represent addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Number Line

A demonstrator for use on the IWB. Draw leaps and click for number tags on the lines

Y1/2: Adding by bridging through 10.

Y1: Find the 'difference' by counting up.

Y2: Use informal methods to represent addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.



Count On Convict - Subtraction with NUmber LIne

To stop the prisoners escaping calculate the difference between two numbers .

This game uses a number line.