Spelling Pattern Wordsearch

Choose a spelling pattern and DJ Cow will make a wordsearch for it. .

A wordsearch that is focussed on common spelling patterns that you choose.

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Look, say, cover, type & check

An adaptable spelling tool for word level work. It is simple to input the words you want to focus on.

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Blast Off

Can you spell the names of the numbers up to twenty? Five spaceships will appear on the screen, each with a different number. To launch the spaceship, type the name of the number e.g. two in the empty box and then press the enter key. If you have correctly spelt its number you will launch the spaceship. Have a happy landing.

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Rocket Spell

Look at the word in front of you. When you think you are ready click on 'cover' to cover the word with the rocket. Now type the word into the empty box. Did you remember how to spell it? You can try again if you were wrong. Check your score at the top as you work through the spellings.

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Rocket Words: Suffixes

Find the correct endings which match the words on the word wheel. Once you think you have matched the ending correctly, click on 'launch' to launch the rocket. Your target is to make ten correct words and launch ten rockets. You can follow your score at the top of the screen.

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Rocket Words: Prefixes

This is the same type of activity as suffixes, but this time you need to find the correct beginning to the word.

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Spin to Win!

This activity highlights the way words are made using roots and suffixes. Children can explore how words are made of different elements combining in different ways and can experiment with inventing new words.

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3 Letter House

aim: Consonant - vowel - consonant spelling patterns.

3 Letter House A whole class teaching tool useful for identifying real cvc words.

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Spelling Ship

aim: Read and spell Year One and Two high frequency words.

Read and spell Year One and Two high frequency words.
A cross betwen Hangman and LCWC.

Primary One

Primary Two and Primary Three



Play the Countdown letters game

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Fruity Phonemes

Year One long vowel phoneme game.

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Look, Cover, Write, Check

aim: Words to be taught as 'sight recognition' through YR to Y2.

A game simulating the 'look cover write check' technique for improving spelling.

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Breaking words down into sounds can help to improve your spelling.
E.g: 'valentine' = 'val - en - tine'.

The 'Syllables factory' will help you revise how to break up words into chunks of sound. This will help your spelling.


Pond Life Plurals

Interactive Pond Life Plurals Spelling Game- Practising the rules for making singular words plural


Planetary Plurals

Interactive Planetary Plurals Spelling Game - Practising the rules for making singular words plural


Word Wheels

A game where children have to make three letter words to match the pictures.


Double Consonants (ff, ss, bl, br, cl, cr, ck, ng)

Help Wellington clean up the sea by making words using ff, ss, bl, br, cl, cr, ck, ng.

- Make words using ff and ss

- Make words using bl and br

- Make words using cl and cr

- Exploring words that end with ck

- Exploring words that end with ng


Singular or Plural? Adding 's'

Lucy is still at the zoo! Read the words and sort them into singular or plural. Match the singular with its plural to choose presents to make Lucy happy.

- Singular or Plural? Game 1 - words we use at school

- Singular or Plural? Game 2 - words we use on the farm

- Singular or Plural? Game 3 - words we use at home

- Singular or Plural? Game 4 - clothes we wear

- Singular or Plural? Game 5 - food we eat



Spelling Test

This spelling test is on words that end in 'ing'. It could be used as a teaching tool on doubling consonants and dropping the final 'e' when adding 'ing'.


Compound Words

Make compound words on this drag and drop activity.


Crazy Compound Words

A range of activities to explain and reinforce the meaning of compound words.

This resource pack provides a range of activities to explain and reinforce the meaning of compound words.

It should enable pupils to:

  • understand that a compound word is two smaller words joined together
  • look at individual words to make their own compound words
  • identify and create compound words from a list or table of words

This pack has been designed as a resource to support the teaching of this area. Included are a selection of supporting worksheets that can be adapted to suit the age range of the pupils being taught.

Starter activity

Main session part 1

Main session part 2




Word Link

A drag and drop sorting grammar exercise where verbs are dropped on a table near their root word.



A wordmaking activity demonstrating how onsets and rimes go together into the wordmaking machine.

Wordmaker 1

Wordmaker 2