....................The Letters of the Alphabet


Letters of the Alphabet

Speaks each letter sound, and shows letter formation.



Match Letters

Choose a letter for the children to find. Now place all of the bears wearing that letter on the picnic cloth. Alternatively match a drink with a capital letter to the bear or bears wearing the same letter in lower case.

Can you see any ... sounds?
Can you drag a matching sound onto the picnic?
What does this sound look like in lower case?

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Fishing Bowl

A sorting game aimed at helping p, b, d confusion.


Word Tree

Enter up to 26 phonemes or words to create a word tree on your IWB which will be saved for the next time you open the activity. To see them in large print, drag an apple to the ground.

How many words can you read?
Can you find a word that starts with...?
Can you pick an apple that...?

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Capital Letters

Match the capital letters to the lower case letters.

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Capital Letters

Swap the lower case letters for capital letters

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Alphabetical Order

Sort six names into alphabetical order, increasingly difficult.

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Alphabetical Order

Put words into alphabetical order on this colourful Flash site.