Word Processing Activities

Making Task Sheets

If you want to 'take a picture' of the computer screen, and use it to help make a sheet for the children to follow you can use the SCREENPRINT option to recreate screens or draw images by hand.

Use of Screenprint

Screenprint can be used to save screens, one at a time for use in Word, Colour Magic or Publisher.

At any point during use of a CD-ROM, or any programme, press the PRINT SCREEN button at the top right hand side of the keyboard. (To the right of F12) The current screen image is saved and placed on to the computer's clipboard (its short-term memory).

Now switch to the programme you want to paste the screen image into. Either use the tool bar at the bottom of the screen or the ALT and TAB key.

Once in the desired programme, press the PASTE icon and the saved screen will appear.

Use the handles to adjust the size of the image, the 8 squares at the corners and centres of the lines.

In WORD you can then use INSERT FRAME to place an invisible frame around the screen image so that it can be moved and typing added at the side.

If you only want part of the screen then paste it into COLOUR MAGIC first and use the cutting tool to select areas to copy and paste.