Data Base Activities

Database of Robbers


Example of an activity where children interrogate, and add data to a data file created by the teacher

A database is like a folder in which you can file related information. The class register is a database.

So, each entry is called a RECORD and each piece of information about the child is stored in a FIELD, for example, name, date of birth, address etc.  Other examples of database documents include a telephone directory, a library catalogue, a collection of recipes, etc.

A computer can store this information electronically and make access to the information very easy and efficient.

A good activity to develop the children’s skills with databases, is one where a data file is created of very suspicious sounding criminals. (This could be written by the teacher, or by an older class). Write some crime stories for the children to solve.

This morning Mrs Tomos woke up . There was a noise downstairs. Mrs Tomos went downstairs. There was a robber and HE was stealing her money. Mrs Tomos shouted HELP!!! The robber ran away. Mrs Tomas told the police a description of the robber

by Delayna

The robber was middle aged He has black hair and a beard He had a scar on his nose If you see this man tell the poice Call 999



Artists Impression

The children have to search through the files for the most likely suspects, using the partial descriptions contained in the specially written "newspaper" reports

Villains File


Scrappy Sam

Hair Colour


Eye Colour









Scar on left cheek


Murder and robbing

The record of one villain

Children will be so impressed with the idea, that they will want to go on to create their own villains and design their own data files and word processed crime stories.