Graphic Programmes

Making Personalised nameplates


Asking the children to create their own nameplates on a computer provides them with an easy introduction to art and graphics programs.  

The first step is for children to open the art program and to write their names. Find FONT on the menu bar and experiment with different styles and sizes of writing.



The children should choose the RECTANGLE tool, or use the DTP program, to experiment with different styles of  border. The FILL tool is used to select a colour. If the printer is black and white, the children could try out different patterns for the background.



 Ask the children to try out different colours for the name, background and border. Which combinations do they think is best to make the name stand out?



The children should remember to SAVE their work.

 When the children are ready to PRINT their nameplates, they should fill the screen with them using the COPY and PASTE commands.



  • Do not worry  if the children lose their names while they are experimenting with the art program.
  • Select UNDO (usually on the EDIT menu). This will undo the LAST command that the child has made.