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Roamer Control

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Basic Roamer Commands

Roamer movement

Always press Clear Memory twice to clear previous instructions. Do this when you switch the Roamer on, to clear the demonstration routine:

The Roamer can move forward and back. Its default step is 30 cm, its own diameter.

This moves the Roamer forward 2 units:
The Roamer turns to the left or right in degrees, for example:

Redefining units

The Roamer 'step' may be changed. This sequence defines the 'step' as 10 cm:

An obstacle course may be laid out on the floor. How accurately can children estimate distances in cm? Can anyone estimate the full sequence of instructions to navigate the course?

To re-define the unit of turn, press the right arrow, then the size of the unit in brackets. This sequence makes the unit of turn 60 degrees: