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Logo in the Classroom

Logo is a computer programming language that can be used, for example, to create and manipulate shapes and patterns on screen or to control a screen or floor turtle.

Textease Turtle

Basic Commands

FD 20 - moves the turtle forward 20 steps
BK 20 - moves the turtle back 20 steps
RT 90 - turns the turtle right by 90 degrees
LT 90 - - turns the turtle left by 90 degrees
Home - Returns the turtle to its home position
CS - Clears the screen

NOTE: You must leave a space between the command and the value.

LT90 or FORWARD30 are both wrong - there must be a space between the command and the number

LT 90 or FORWARD 90 are both correct.


Useful sheets

How to .... sheet on logo commands

How to... sheet on procedures

Logo worksheets

Case Studies

A set of lesson plans to support whole-class teaching using SuperLogo on a single computer attached to a large display.

In this series of five lessons, Logo commands are introduced as pupils learn how to construct simple shapes. They proceed to investigate the rule for drawing any regular polygon. Next, they learn how to calculate the angles required to draw regular stars. Finally, procedures are introduced. Sheets for recording, and 'How to...' sheets on Logo skills, are linked to the plans. The ideal teaching arrangement is a data projector, projecting onto a whiteboard or other writing surface. Using a pen, the teacher is able to model the shapes on the board, helping the children to visualise turtle moves. Pupils could record work on paper during the lesson. All should have time on the computers before the next lesson.

Other Sites

MSW Logo, an educational programming language, is free to download from various sites.

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