Finding Things Out

Research & E-Awareness - Research and development - Possible Scheme of Work

Find specific information using a range of ICT based resources which are available.


Year Group some children will not have made so much progress and will most children will some children will have progressed further and will

Find answers when directed to one reference source.

E.g. Use a 'worksheet' to find simple answers to simple questions.

Find specific information using a range of ICT based resources which are available.

E.g. Webquest to specific websites, CD ROM or software encyclopaedia or reference 'book'.e.g Viking boat making

Ask questions, find answers and collate the results of their enquiries, using ICT based resources.
  • I know how to use the computer to find information by following links.
  • I can use a prepared web quest with help.
  • I can use a web quest and record my findings using ICT
  • I am able to answer questions using ICT based reference sources.
  • I know the meaning of key words, and can use them to search for information
  • I am able to use a variety of ICT sources for reference, and can explain reasons for their suitability
  • I know the importance of phrasing questions carefully


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Research and development

wordClick here to download the planning seen below


Area of study (From NC PoS)

Learning Objectives


Key Vocabulary


Assessment Outcomes


To talk about what information they need and how they can find and use it.

To identify the information needed for a purpose.

As a class decide key questions to answer relating to a classroom topic.  Discuss where you might find the information.


Large paper or Interactive Whiteboard

Level 2:
I can use ICT to organise and classify information.

Level 3:
I can use ICT to find and use appropriate stored information.

I can follow a simple search to find information when using a CD ROM, a database or the internet.


To interpret information, to check it is relevant and reasonable.

To evaluate and use different sources of information.

Use a CD ROM and/or websites chosen by the teacher to find relevant information using the menus, index and using a key word search.   

Key word

CD ROM encyclopaedia or website e.g.


To prepare information for development using ICT …

To use ICT to gather and organise information.

Collate the findings of the class within a mind map.  Decide which information is most important / useful. Is it accurate? What other information is needed? 

Mind map

Mind mapping software e.g. 2Connect / Kidspiration / Textease CT


To share and exchange information in a variety of forms, including e-mail.

To use ICT to communicate with others.

E-mail and/or video conference with an expert, e.g. a Historian, to find the answers to key questions.

Send / Open
Video conference

E-mail account e.g. EasyMail / 2Mail

Flash Meeting (VC) account & Webcam


To share and exchange information in a variety of forms.

To use ICT to present information.

Use the information collected to enter information into a pre-prepared newsletter.


Newsletter file

DTP software e.g. Publisher / Textease CT