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Suggested software for Modelling and Simulation



Graphical Modelling

Graphical Modelling 

Click and Drag


Online Simulations

Science Clips
BBC Science Clips

spreadsheet Modelling
Spreadsheet Modelling


Progression for Modelling and Simulation

  most children will
Year 1

Go to resourcesExplore options and make choices. Use 'Undo' to start again or adapt something.

  • An introduction to modelling
Year 2

Go to resourcesUse ICT to explore real and imaginary situations. Make choices and draw conclusions.

  • Creating pictures 
Year 3

Go to resourcesUse an on screen turtle to explore and understand the impact of changing variables.

  • Modelling effects on screen

Understand that they can explore a simulation and use this to change things and solve problems by identifying the rule

  • Exploring simulations
Year 4

Go to resourcesUse a computer graphics package to develop an image using a variety of tools.

  • Developing images
Year 5

Go to resourcesUse ICT based models to explore variables to solve problems. Some will understand the principles behind spreadsheet formulae and start to create their own.

  • Introduction to spreadsheets . (Goes to Handling data)

Go to resourcesUse graphical modelling software to explore spatial modelling.

  • Graphical modelling
Year 6

Go to resourcesAdd and amend a given ICT model to solve a problem through a review of the rules and variables. Be able to ask "What if?" and consider if the results are realistic.

  • Spreadsheet modelling