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As TV game

  • Blank,
  • Letters,
  • Number to 20
  • Multiples
  • Decimals

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Noughts and Crosses

Play with two players or against the computer.

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Play the Countdown Numbers game

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Create your own firework display by simply clicking the screen.

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Stopwatch Style Timer

A huge timer for you to start and stop as you please. The time is given in hours, minutes, seconds and hundredths of a second. Handy for timed tests, exams and activities.

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One minute timer...


Two minute timer...



Countdown Clock, with the music

Click here...



Will start, stop and split, or countdown from any time you want.


What's the Time Mr Wolf?

A great game based on the Little Red Riding Hood stories. Children need to set the clock at the correct o'clock times before the wolf comes.


Class minder:

A digital assistant that keeps an eye on your class on those rare occasions when you have to pop out.

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Chess Board

Working Chess board.

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Pac Man

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Space Invaders

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Snakes and Ladders

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Classic Mastermind style Game.

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Virtual Dice

This resource contains a set of four 'virtual' dice with six, eight, ten and twelve sides.



Move your hand over the colours to play atmospheric music.

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Touch Tunes

Move your hands over the letters to play music.

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Odd One Out with Facial Expressions

Judge the odd one out from four facial expressions

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The classic memory game



Memory Game

Try and remember the list of shapes.

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Listen and Match Game



Rhyming Words

Find the rhyming strings then click on the hippo to hide an object. Can you guess which is missing? 'It's not the cat. It's not the rat. It's not the bat. It must be the .... hat!' 'Playing With Sounds', (step 2, card 6).

Which object is missing?
Can you think of another rhyming word?
How many rhyming words can you find?

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Deal or No Deal

Play the Channel 4 game based on probability

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Hit the smiling faces with the paintball gun.

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Can you move the blue block out of the square?

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Spot The Difference

Find the differences between the 2 drawings as fast as you can

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Funny Buttons

Touch as many blue and grey buttons as you can

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Kick Ups

Hit the ball to keep it up in the air.

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Don't let the bubbles burst! Click Click Click.

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Backwards Tetris

Click on blocks of the same colour to remove them

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Move the pipes to allow the water to flow from the source to the tap.

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Doctor Who Sudoko

Drag the pictures of the first nine Doctor Whos onto the grid, using each once a line.

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The aim of the game is to make enough money buying and selling houses on the property market to buy the ten million pound mansion.

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Typing Master

Type as fast as you can 10 sentences. No need for enter of backspace.

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This happens to be one of those games that's easier to play than it is to explain. You play as the red diamonds, and your goal is to take over the board by leaping into the spaces adjacent to your opponent's watery globules. See what I mean?

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Telescope Game

A very unique puzzle game. Push and pull your ball to the hole.

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If you haven't played Sudoku yet you are missing out!

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The Waitress

Keep your customers happy

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Very tricky game, unfold all the lines so none overlap.

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Play hangman, one or two players.

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Clear the tiles before they stack to the top by spelling words with 3 or more letters.




Da Numba

Can you add to make 'da numba' and clear the tiles?

Clear the tiels before they stack up by clicking on


Click on the tiles that add up to the target numbers. When you get the target number the tiles dissappear.




Higher and Lower

Lots of examples of ordering numbers from simple ordering numbers to 10 to fractions, decimals or negative and positive numbers.


Thinking of a Number

Children need to guess a number below 100 from clues on the clouds. Good for developing mathematical vocabulary.



A quick-fire game to see if you know your multiplies of and times tables.


Logic Zoo

A good site for demonstrating Venn Diagrams. Children need to read about the animals and put them in the correct enclosure.


Decimal Detective

Decimal Detective is a game that tests knowledge of decimal values. There are different levels of difficulty.





Shoot the asteroids by telling the spaceship what angle it should turn.As the game goes on, it gets more difficult, with more angles. Game has cool sounds and exploding effects!


Animal Bingo

Guess what animal is in the box by listening to the sounds they make.



A simple sketchbook which can be used to demonstrate handwriting, letter or number formation.



Tangrams. Make the given shape.

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Ocean Odyssey

The evil Sea Serpent has stolen Mel Scale the mermaid's voice.

Investigate the science of sound to solve the fishy goings-on...

Immerse yourself in Ocean Odyssey!

Silicon Spies!

Dr. Volt is about to pull the plug on Silicon City and plunge it into darkness.

Investigate the science of electricity in a secret mission to save the city...

Go undercover with Silicon Spies!


Alien Attack!

Which evil alien tried to blow up the world?

Investigate the science of light to save the Earth from destruction...

Launch yourself into Alien Attack!


ParkWorld Plot!

Rival park owner, Bertie Block, is plotting to break one of ParkWorld's rides.

Investigate the science of forces to save ParkWorld from ruin...

Brave the rides with ParkWorld Plot!


Astro Adventure!

Redshift Enterprises take you on a troublesome test drive of their Galactic Express shuttle.

Investigate the Solar System as you save yourself from disaster...

Take a giant leap into Astro Adventure!


Jigsaw puzzles

Complete the jigsaw by shrinking or magnifying the pieces to fit.

View game here



The canoeing game is a one player bearings game. The idea is to get your canoe through a series of gates on the course by entering bearings and distances in the shortest possible time. Age range 11 to 14.


Clown Angle Clear Up

Control the clown car by entering an angle for it to turn and a distance for it to travel.

Click here to view



Play the drums with a simple click of the mouse.


Fimbles Music Maker

Listen and copy the Fimbles to play a tune.