Would you benefit from one to one tutoring by a qualified and experienced Primary Teacher?

Personalised and Tailored to your individual learning style so you can progress at your own pace?

One to One tutoring means one tutor, one student providing a comfortable, safe and relaxed space to learn in?


Learn the way you learn best with High quality 1:1 Literacy & Numeracy tutoring sessions in Nairn.


Experienced in teaching using a multi sensory approach tailored to your specific learning needs.

Extra Support

For those in the first stages of learning; those who are on track or those who need extra support and motivation.

About Me

30 years teaching experience specialising in Additional Support needs for the last 17.

A BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

Skilled in helping people learn to read, write, spell and count especially those who have missed out, need a bit if catch up, or have gaps in their learning.

Pacey 30 minute sessions efficiently focused on the areas really important to your learning.

£20 per half hour session.

Dynamic assessment unlocks what will improve your learning and understanding.

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Limited availability of places

One-to-one tuition gives you a safe, more relaxed space to learn in and feel comfortable making mistakes. And it’s important to make mistakes – most of our learning doesn’t come from getting an answer right; we learn by getting something wrong and working out why that happened. 

One-to-one tutoring also gives more nervous or shy children a chance to practice answering questions outside the classroom. This helps boost their confidence; they might even start giving answers in class!

In a one-to-one tutoring setting, the tutor can tailor their lessons to the individual learning preferences of the student so you can progress at their own pace without being forced to move on or hang back for other children to catch up.